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What is Life Coaching and why would I need

Life Coaching aims to help and empower others to achieve and exceed personal and professional goals.  Simple right?  So, I hear you ask,  if that’s all there is to it then why so I need a life coach to  help with that when I can easily do that for myself.  Here’s the thing, you can, in fact the truth is we all can. Yes, life really is that simple.   Although did you look to see when you last achieved a goal that had been at the centre of your attention because you’d made a plan of how to achieve it and then because you’d been focusing on it for a certain period of time it became reality?  If you did, congratulations, well done!  Some of us however attain things by default, this all depends on how you think.  Moving actively from your default position to actively changing what you think is easy. Changing how you think is where a life coach can really help.

Sometimes in life we can feel a little stuck, or confused, or maybe we are unable to see the way forward clearly; a life coach can help here.  You’ll know when you’re feeling stuck because you will notice you’re asking yourself the same question all the time.  Don’t look for reasons because our brain is programmed to look for patterns and repeat them.  So if you look for a reason you’ll find you’re in a holding pattern of the same situation happening over and over.   What you think and how you feel equals your reality.   If we ask the right questions we can find out exactly what it is that is making us feel stuck.  When I went to drama school to learn acting and directing, I couldn’t understand why I froze with fear and couldn’t remember my lines.  With the aid of an incredible technique, great teachers and asking a lot of questions I eventually got to the bottom of my fear which made my mind freeze and forget.  The answer lay in the school pantomime.  I was eleven years old and this was my first speaking part, I was no longer in the chorus, I was so happy as rehearsals came to an end and the show opened.  Then came the thing that anyone on a platform fears, I lost my voice.  I went to bed to rest before going to the church hall and when I got there I chatted in a low voice to the other kids for a while and then it was my time to go on stage and announce the arrival of The Sultan, I opened my mouth to speak but no words came out, I was horrified.  I vowed never to go on stage again… With the help of my coaches and some probing into my thinking I was able to uncover the reason for my freezing on stage.  If I’d have known the right questions to ask maybe I could have got there but the truth is I don’t think I would have achieved what I did without the coaching of others.

How does life coaching work?

Life coaching is like being a detective to look what is already successful and working for you in your life and also finding the hidden thoughts and patterns which may be an obstacle to your success.  Together we would create a plan of action to achieve your goals and overcome any challenges that may stand in your way.





“Helping other people achieve their goals”

Certified: Life Coach – Access Bars Practitioner – Law of Attraction Practitioner – Actor – Director


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