Access Bars session

Alix is a certified Access Bars practitioner, Life Coach and Law of Attraction practitioner, who found her way via hair and beauty management, through extensive work in film and television, to a path in awareness and consciousness which led her to find Access Consciousness.  Alix is an intuitive practitioner who understands the mind from a perspective of the formation of it’s consciousness, e.g why we think the way we do based on our experiences up until now and the people involved in our personal evolution.   Even though Alix has a great understanding of how the mind works she has found this knowledge has been greatly enhanced by Access Bars.


The Bars are 32 points on the head that represent things like; Your Body, Money, Healing, Creativity, Joy, Peace and Calm, just to name a few.  When these points are lightly held your body begins to relax and let go of the things that have been keeping you stuck.  A typical session lasts about an hour and people all over the world have said The Bars, have helped them change things they thought were unchangeable.  Things like their bodies, money situations, relationships, health problems and much, much more.  Many people say their lives are just easier and more joyful after just one Access Bars session.

If you are interested in experiencing The Bars and would like to find out what it can do you, you can contact Alix on:

Mobile; 07549 884 921



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