Law of Attraction

I was talking to  someone recently who told me quite definitely that the law of attraction didn’t work; they had decided that because they had asked for a sum of money to turn up by a certain day and it didn’t arrive that this was perfect proof.  Law of attraction needs a little more than a question for it to turn up.  There are many who attract by default which means they’re not awarely attracting.  Asking the question is only part of the law of attraction but how you feel is an even greater part of the successful outcome.  How you think and how you feel equals your reality.  What do I mean by this?  It’s simple, if you want a sum of money but you don’t actually think you’ll ever get it, that’s exactly what the outcome will be, you won’t attract the money.  Or maybe you’re looking to attract a shiny brand new car but in the back of your mind you worry about the tax and insurance and petrol costs then this is the message that you’ll be putting out and that will result in no new car showing up.  If instead you imagine, how you will feel when you’re driving your brand new car and that’s what you focus on then everything will conspire to help you achieve your desire.

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