Alix Middleton London Life Coach Testimonials

I must admit our communication with each other is making me feel better, I’m starting to believe in myself, this life coaching really does work.
Many thanks

Tomi  Film Director

“From the moment Alix places her loving hands on my head to run my bars, my energy shifts. I become lighter, freer and at peace. I simply drift away. Alix will always be my first choice. Make her yours!

Siobhan Purcell,  Homeopath

“Returning to my studies after a long illness was a challenge, and it was hard not to feel overwhelmed. Alix gave me practical and individual guidance, creating tools that would help me keep my calm and focus. We worked on scheduling and time management to allow time for myself as well as studying, and fostered a positive outlook to combat my hyper-criticism. Alix’s service is and felt tailored to me, as there is no one-size-fits-all answer for life. Some of it is common-sense, but it’s amazing how an outside, professional perspective can instantly recognise improvements and solutions. Alix was invaluable and instrumental in the completion of my degree, and now I have my First, I look forward to a brighter future.”

Hannah, graduate

“Alix and myself were introduced by common acquaintances a few years ago and since then she has been a strong point of reference for me.

At times when I would feel hesitant or lost in my career or my personal life, she was always there to help me see things clearly and face them with a positive attitude. She has been very supportive at times when I doubted my artistic talent and helped me find the courage to be free on stage.

Her humanity and her analytical qualities are exceptional and have been a guiding light in numerous and nameless occasions.

Alix has the gift to empathise with people and at the same time to be detached from a situation, this quality I believe allows her to see behaviours clearly and to strip problems to their core.

Alix is driven by passion, love for her craft and professionalism. She is honest and generous. I highly recommend using her services.”

Lisa Genovese

Actress and Voice Over artist


Hi Alix,

I thought I share some of the exposure that I’ve had as a Director with you as it was you who encouraged me to direct, here are some of the links and my Imdb page.

Kind regards



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